Looking up

I must admit: I truly h a t e getting soaked while on a bike. I will never get used to that.

But you know things are starting to look up when on a Sunday late afternoon you have to go out and get something from the supermarket and you randomly run into one of the very, very few people you know in your new hometown. And you know what makes it even more special? She’s from Barcelona. She’s the only mom who talks to me when we run into eachother at the daycare center.

And you know things are starting to look up when you get invited to your first birthday party, even if it’s for a 2 year old. And when all the adults, minus two, myself included, are from Spain and Italy, it’s chaotic and fun. And before you know it you have a dinner appointment for the next twohundred Friday nights. Pizza and pasta at the restaurant of one of the dads (he’s half Italian and married to a Spanish lady), kids allowed to run and have fun.

Things are starting to look up. And old client came back. A new client is very satisfied with my work and will definitely stay on. Once in a while I get to go to the magazine’s headquarters in the big big big ‘magazine building’, surrounded by friendly collegues who tell me it’s nice to have me around.

And you know things are starting to look up when you receive an invite to come spend a Sunday afternoon with a fun group or girlfriends who are warm and welcoming enough to include me and try to make me feel at home.

And you know what else? I don’t get overwhelmed every day anymore by that ache I’ve felt since even before I left home. I’m beginning to make peace, even if only temporary, with how it is. It is what it is, how it is, where it is. And slowly how it is, is showing signs of fun.

So there’s that. A ray of sunshine through my window.

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