Love and marriage

– Mama, do you know who I want to marry?
– I think you want to marry Eva.
He radiates cuteness as he nods.
– But I’m in love with Elsa.
– From Frozen? The one you want to marry in Disneyland?
He nods again.
– So maybe you are in love with two girls?
– Nope. Just Elsa.
– Well, then you shouldn’t marry Eva.
– Why not?
– I believe you should be in love with the one you’re marrying.
– But Eva is my friend.
– Well, I guess that is very important as well, to be friends with the one you’re marrying. You make a good point.

I put him to bed for a siesta and we cuddle.

– Mama, Eva doesn’t like cuddling.
– Ah. Well. I like her, but promise me this: don’t marry someone who doesn’t like to cuddle. Cuddling makes one happy. And you love to cuddle. Luckily, you’re not allowed to get married until you’re eighteen years old, so maybe, by the time you are both eighteen, she will have changed her opinions on cuddling.

He whispers in my ear: I hope so.

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